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16 Bristol Street, New Hartley, Whitley Bay, NE25 0RG

United Kingdom
Ημι-εφαπτόμενη Κατοικία

Πωλήθηκε για £95,000

Περίληψη Ακινήτου

  • Virtual freehold 3 Bedroom Corner House
  • Residential Investment
  • Tenant Holding Over - Producing £6,300 pa

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Simon Riggall
Simon Riggall
Για διευκρινίσεις και επίλυση αποριών.
Tanya Barker
Δικηγόρος του Πωλητή

Επικοινωνήστε μαζί μας

Simon Riggall
Simon Riggall
Για διευκρινίσεις και επίλυση αποριών.
Tanya Barker
Δικηγόρος του Πωλητή

Λήψεις Αρχείων

Περιγραφή ακινήτου

The property comprised a prominent corner located two storey house with traditional rendered elevations beneath a pitched roof. There is a fenced garden at the front and a large garden at the rear mainly laid to lawn, and culminating in a shared rear access lane.
The accommodation is laid out with living room and kitchen on the ground floor with three bedrooms over. The property has modern pvc framed windows, sliding glass doors to the garden and is well decorated.


The village of New Hartley is a suburb lying upon the northern edge of the small town of Seaton Delaval, population some 4,500, all forming a part of the Whitley Bay larger urban area. Whitley Bay is a popular seaside resort town situated upon the northeast coast, about 10miles to the north east of the City of Newcastle, 3 miles to the north of Tynemouth and just to the north of the A19 Tyne Tunnel. The town has a population of circa 38,000 and has seen considerable new residential development. 
The area enjoys excellent communications with the Tyneside Metro system offering a 25 minute commute into Newcastle City centre, and the A19 accessing the City Centre via the A1058, the A1 to the north and South Shields, Sunderland and Middlesbrough to the south. There are plans in hand to extend the Metro to Seaton Delaval and other coastal towns.
The recreational centre of Whitley Bay is based upon the recently refurbished Spanish City leisure complex as well as a theatre and other attractions including a long promenade running along open sandy beaches. New Hartley lies to the north of the town centre within the junction of the A19 with the A189 coast road, the A192 and A190. The property lies within a network of residential streets of similar properties. The immediate vicinity is seeing considerable new residential development with a Barratt scheme underway close by.

Κατάσταση Ακινήτου

The property is occupied by PL Burford and family who are holding over/statutory periodic tenancy from an AST of 6 months from 04/12/2015 

Total Rent Reserved £6,300 pa (£525 pm) 


Long Leasehold - 999 years from 1972 at £30 pa


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