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Women in Real Estate

BidX1's Daniela Marchesano joins Women in Real Estate Spain (WIRES)

We are very pleased to announce that Daniela Marchesano, Director at BidX1 Spain, has joined Women in Real Estate Spain (WIRES), an association of female board members, senior executives and directors whose aim is to promote women’s participation and visibility in the Spanish real estate sector.

Daniela brings over 17 years’ experience in the property industry, during which time she has worked on numerous innovative projects and ventures, including the launch of BidX1 in the Spanish market.

Prior to joining BidX1, Daniela was Head of Real Estate and Property Management at Redwood Asset Management, where she played a key role in establishing Oaktree, the firm’s servicer in Spain. Before that, Daniela was a Portfolio Manager at AKTUA, where she helped establish the firm’s investment department and managed portfolios for several large funds. 

Since 2019, Daniela has been Head of Operations & Delivery at BidX1 Spain, at the forefront of digital transformation in the Spanish property industry.

“I am delighted to be joining WIRES, along with other key players in our industry, and look forward to contributing to their work."

WIRES is a multi-disciplinary organisation whose members include experts from all sectors of the real estate landscape – from developers, asset managers and real estate agents, to engineers, architects and designers. Learn more about WIRES here.

Learn more about Daniela and her role at BidX1 here. Connect with her on LinkedIn here.


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