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Gillian Earley, Divisional Director, BidX1 Ireland

"Would I still be as enthusiastic about my job if I’d stayed in a traditional commercial agency? Probably not."

Gillian Earley, Divisional Director, BidX1 Ireland

MC du Toit, CEO of Sales, BidX1 South Africa

"I’m actually a fourth-generation auctioneer, so it’s in my blood!"

MC du Toit, CEO of Sales, BidX1 South Africa

Change in the Property Industry: It's Already Here

Oliver Childs, Head of Commercial Auctions at BidX1 UK, talks us through 25 years in the industry

PropTech: Changing Auctions

Ebenezer Olajide, Technical Team Lead, BidX1 Global

"My initial curiosity came from the fact that it was a property company hiring a software developer..."

Ebenezer Olajide - Technical Team Lead

Who will shape the property industry in the next decade?

Meet the new faces of the real estate industry.

New Faces of the Property Industry

Daniela Marchesano, Head of Operations & Delivery, BidX1 Spain

"To bring that level of transparency to property’s pretty exciting stuff!"

Daniela Marchesano - BidX1 Spain

South Africa: Do's & Don'ts when buying property online

We asked MC du Toit, our CEO of Sales, to outline his top tips for buyers.

MC du Toit, CEO of Auctions, BidX1 South Africa

Buying Property in Spain on BidX1's Digital Platform

Buying Spanish property with BidX1 is easy; learn more about how it works here.

Buying Property in Spain

Johnny Horgan, Managing Director, BidX1 Europe

"Do you want to hop on the train or get off the tracks?  ...That’s basically what it comes down to!"

Johnny Horgan - Managing Director, Europe

Reaching a worldwide audience: The power of online auctions

Oliver Childs discusses why BidX1 is transforming real estate around the world.

Digital Auction

Ciara McGovern, Marketing Manager, BidX1 Ireland

"It was clear that BidX1 was shaking things up in our industry and I wanted to be a part of that."

Ciara Mc Govern