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Investing Through Auctions in the UK: Podcast Series

Oliver Childs at BidX1 UK joins leading industry players for Estates Gazette's new podcast series.

Property Investment - Auctions in the UK

Lisa Lynch, Head of Auction Operations

"Ultimately, I’m responsible for coordinating every sale on the platform, large or small. No pressure!"

Lisa Lynch

A sustainable approach to real estate transactions

Action is required from all organisations, not just manufacturing companies or traditional real estate.

Sustainability at BidX1

Simon Bailey, Director, BidX1 UK

"We’re leading the charge when it comes to shaking up the auction market and that’s a huge motivator for me."

Simon Bailey, Director, BidX1 UK

A Post-Lockdown World: Prepare to Adapt to the Changing Real Estate Market in Cyprus

As we prepare to emerge from lockdown, what trends and developments can we expect to see in the Cypriot market?

Cypriot Property Market.

International Women's Day 2021

To celebrate International Women's Day this year, it felt right to showcase our own women.

BidXWoman - International Women's Day 2021

A Year in Review: 2020 in the Irish Property Market

Jonathan Fenn, Head of Property at BidX1 Ireland, reviews the year in property for the Business Post

Jonathan Fenn, Director, BidX1 Ireland.jpg

Value-Add Opportunities & International Investors: A Review of 2020 Irish Commercial Sales

Johnny O'Connor, Head of Investments at BidX1 Ireland, reviews commercial sales on the platform in the Irish Times

Commercial Property Sales.

The Future of UK Auctions: Estates Gazette Podcast Series

Oliver Childs at BidX1 UK joins discussions on the trends and developments in an age-old sector.

Estates Gazette Future of Auctions

Sellers should put technology on their checklist when choosing an agent

Jonathan Fenn, Head of Property at BidX1 Ireland, on why experience is helpful – but hard data is crucial.

Technology in Property

It was staring us in the face – the evolution of a brand campaign

The truth is, technology has been the ‘Elephant in the Room’ for the property industry for years.

Smart property investment - it was staring us in the face