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Paving the Way  |  Our Green Ambition

BidX1 are innovators in the property industry, providing a more transparent, online alternative to the traditional methods of transacting real estate. 

Today, we are already carbon neutral – thanks to a sustainable business model and a value system which puts climate action at the forefront of decision-making.

A new kind of property company

A sustainable approach to real estate transactions

Carbon Neutrality  |  Our Journey

BidX1 Carbon Footprint

BidX1 Carbon Footprint

With backing from Enterprise Ireland, who supported our carbon assessment through their GreenStart programme, we mapped BidX1's emissions across every market.

In 2019, our carbon footprint was just 291 tonnes. 

And this measurement included indirect 'Scope 3' emissions such as:

  • Staff commuting
  • Waste management
  • Data storage
  • Emissions from the supply & treatment of water
Safe Water Access Rwanda

Safe Water Access in Rwanda

In 2019, BidX1 consumed just 291 tonnes of carbon. 

In 2020, BidX1 staff chose a clean water project in Rwanda to invest in, so that we could offset those carbon emissions.

This is a Gold Standard project, which aims to deliver clean, safe water for communities in the East African nation – by identifying and rehabilitating broken-down boreholes.

Climate Action

Our model is inherently sustainable, and we are actively working to integrate environmental principles into every aspect of our business, from day-to-day operations to strategic decision-making.

Sustainability Team

Sustainable Development Goals Logo

BidX1’s green agenda is driven by our Sustainability Team, whose aim is to align our business practices with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Comprised of professionals from each market where we operate, with expertise spanning finance, technology, property and marketing, the team is responsible for BidX1's environmental policies, as well as our initiatives covering:

  • Diversity & Inclusion;
  • Responsible Consumption; 
  • Health & Wellbeing in the Workplace;
  • And working with our Charity Partners in each market.