Lot 05 Former Cloudesley Bush Reservoir Site, Mere Lane, Rugby, CV23 0RT

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The Contract has been amended to provide for a conditional contract with a three-month-Long Stop Date from the Contract Date. The additional time is required to enable the seller to relocate an antenna situated on the seller's Retained Land but which overhangs the Property. The antenna is a radio link between the Cloudesley Bush main pump and the Newbold pump and feeds the mains pressure information back from the Cloudesley Bush pump to the Newbould pump. This then dictates whether the pumps need to slow down to reduce the mains pressure, speed up to increase it or stay the same. It is a constant communication between the two pumps to ensure that the quick reactions needed to maintain set pressure in the mains is upheld. The seller will relocate the antenna to another position within the Retained Land to prevent the same overhanging the Property and the Transfer now contains a restrictive covenant on the part of the buyer not to erect any new building or structure on the Property or make any external alteration or extension to any existing building or structure which may interfere with the radio link between the two pumps unless such plans and specifications showing the design layout and elevation of the works have first been approved by the seller (such approval not to be unreasonably withheld or delayed). Should the seller not relocate the antenna by the Long Stop Date, either party may terminate the Contract and any Deposit paid under the Contract will be returned to the buyer by the seller.
Property Summary
  • By order of Severn Trent
  • Freehold vacant former booster pumping station and DSR
  • 0.067 hectares (0.165 acres)
  • This Lot will not be sold prior to auction



The village of Monks Kirby is located approximately 7 miles south east of Hinckley, 15 miles south west of Leicester and 7 miles west of Lutterworth.  The property is situated on the south side of Mere Lane, close to the junction with the historic Fosse Way. The property lies alongside and is accessed directly off Mere Lane.

The approximate position of the property can be located as follows:
Grid Reference: SP46 2863


The property comprises a former booster pumping station and DSR within a roughly rectangular, level fenced site of approximately 0.165 acres (0.067 hectares) fronting the road and with open fields on three sides.

We understand that utility services including water, electricity and telecoms are located in close proximity to the site.  Interested parties should refer to the legal pack and make their own enquiries to satisfy themselves on the availability of any service.


Note: Interested parties should read the legal pack for further information relating to easements and overages, for example, that may be applicable to the site.


Dalcour Maclaren have provided an independent planning appraisal for the site that can be downloaded from the legal pack.  Part of their Executive Summary states:

"The existing structures afford the site the benefit of the status of previously developed land (PDL) within the Green Belt.  Green Belt policy supports the partial or complete redevelopment of previously developed land where the openness of the Green Belt is not harmed, which is positive for options for this site. The potential land use options considered within this appraisal have been identified as according with Green Belt policy and also accord with several of the Local Plan Policy objectives covering environmental, social and economic targets.
Four potential uses have been identified:
- Creation of a residential dwelling or live/work unit either through conversion of the existing buildings/structures or demolition of the existing and construction of new
- Part or full conversion of the existing structures for non-residential use
- Creation of industrial units or general storage following demolition of the existing
- Release to other utility providers (eg. telecoms, power, other water company)
The site is considered suitable for small scale development defined within the footprint of the site.  The presence of the Green Belt designations offers opportunities for imaginative design for either a conversion or redevelopment proposal."
The above is for information purposes and should be read in conjunction with the full report contained within the legal pack.  Further enquiries should be directed to Rugby Borough Council www.rugby.gov.uk

VAT Not Applicable.

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