BidX1 and Clikalia join forces to offer residential assets in Madrid

BidX1, Europe’s leading digital property marketplace, and Clikalia, a high-growth Spanish PropTech company, have teamed up to sell a selection of apartments in Madrid, which will be offered via BidX1’s platform

Both companies are innovators in the real estate sector, offering buyers and sellers a modern, digital-first approach to property transactions. 

Clikalia, which was established in 2018 and already has a team of over 600 people across Spain, Portugal and Mexico, has developed an innovative iBuyer model. The company provides sellers with instant offers for their property, with transactions completing in just 7 days, and then returns those properties to the market in under 60 days. 

The collaboration will see Clikalia listing Spanish assets on the BidX1 platform and selling them via online auction, the first of which will take place on 8th April 2022. 

Located in Madrid, the apartments range in price from €65,000 to €480,000. As the BidX1 process is fully transparent, the auction can be viewed live on 8th April, with all the bids displayed in real-time on the platform.  

Interested parties can register for bidding in advance of the auction, a simple process which requires proof of identification and proof of address, as well as a deposit that is retained only if the bidder is the successful purchaser.

Daniela Marchesano, Head of Operations at BidX1 Spain, commented: “We are delighted to have teamed up with Clikalia to offer these properties via our digital platform. There are clear synergies in a collaboration which brings together a company like Clikalia, who are widely recognised as leaders in the PropTech sector, and BidX1, the market leaders in the digitalisation of property transactions. We’re very excited to be working with them.”

María Padin, Retail Director at Clikalia, said: “We’re very pleased to have joined forces with BidX1, a collaboration which will advance our digital-first approach through the sale of assets via online auction. It’s clear that this move will enhance our client offering, allowing buyers to acquire properties quickly and easily through a fully digital process.”

BidX1, which was founded in Dublin in 2011, currently operates across five markets – the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Spain and Cyprus – and has sold over 12,000 properties to date, or more than €2.5bn-worth of real estate.  

Clikalia has developed an iBuyer model which allows them to acquire homes in record time and return them to the market – fully renovated and in turnkey condition – in less than 60 days. 


About Clikalia

Clikalia is a Spanish PropTech company founded in 2018 by Alister Moreno and Pablo Fernández, with the aim of revolutionising the real estate market. The company has developed an iBuyer model based around speed, digitalisation and efficiency, streamlining the buying and selling process and reducing costs by cutting intermediaries. 

With a team of more than 600 people in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga and Seville), Mexico and Portugal, Clikalia acquires homes in record time and returns them to the market – fully renovated and in turnkey condition – in less than 60 days. 

The leading platform in Spain and Mexico has reinvented, updated, simplified and streamlined the real estate experience and more than 5,000 satisfied customers have already placed their trust in Clikalia's innovative approach. For more information, visit  


About BidX1

BidX1 is Europe’s leading digital property investment platform. The PropTech company has built a digital platform which connects users across the globe with property investment opportunities in five markets and enables them to complete the entire transaction online using proprietary technology. Established in Ireland in 2011, BidX1 is the market leader in online property transactions; the company has sold more than 12,000 properties to date, raising more than €2.5 billion. 36,000 bids were placed through the BidX1 platform last year, with buyers from more than 60 countries to date.

BidX1 was recognised as a ‘Best Managed Company’ by Deloitte in 2021 and has received numerous other awards, including an Irish Times Innovation Award in 2018, and a KPMG Property Industry Excellence Award in 2019. For more information, visit  


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BidX1 and Clikalia join forces to offer residential assets in Madrid