BidX1 & Iterable team up to match investors with the right assets

We are delighted to be working with Iterable, a world-class marketing platform, to provide our users with the insights, analysis and property investment opportunities which are most relevant to them. 

Investors from over 100 countries are active on our platform, with registered bidders from 60 countries to date. 

Teaming up with Iterable allows us to better serve those investors, ensuring that the content they receive from our property teams is relevant and personalised – essentially matching investors with assets that suit their requirements, as well as their language, currency and time zone.   

For our sellers, that means precision marketing which connects the right buyers with their asset.

For our buyers, that means instant alerts about properties that suit their investment profile. 

Natalia Rodriguez, Head of Customer Experience at BidX1, commented: "If you’re looking for family homes within commuting distance of Cape Town’s CBD, you're probably looking at location, asset type and price point. 

"If, on the other hand, you’re an investor chasing yield across multiple jurisdictions, you might be more interested in NIYs and covenant strength, regardless of whether the asset is located in London, Madrid or Dublin.   

"At BidX1, our aim is to use technology to enhance the experience of buying and selling property – at every stage of the process.  

“Our partnership with Iterable will allow us to offer our users a more personalised experience, driven by their own preferences and investment requirements. 

"We are not your average property company. Our teams are incredibly diverse, with best-in-class expertise spanning data analytics, digital marketing, UX design and, of course, technology. Working with Iterable will allow our teams to harness the power of our own data, and our digital marketing expertise, to ensure our users see the right properties, at the right time.” 


Connect with Natalia on LinkedIn here, and keep up to date with all BidX1 updates here.

BidX1 & Iterable team up to match investors with the right assets