Allsop Private

Allsop Private was created in response to requests from buyers and sellers alike to develop a service that builds on the exceptional demand for commercial and investment property within Allsop’s existing multi-lot auctions. Allsop Private delivers select auctions for quality commercial and investment properties valued between €400k and €5m.

Why Allsop Private?

  • Extended marketing period of over 4 weeks allowing for increased market exposure, a longer investor due diligence period and flexibility for the buyer and seller
  • Market exposure -65k Allsop database, average 180k web hits per auction campaign
  • Our dedicated and experienced team provide top quality professional service and market knowledge

Meet The Team

Richard O'Neill
01 637 5545
Gillian Earley
Associate Director - Commercial
01 637 5547
Thomas O'Dowd
Senior Surveyor - Commercial
01 779 0449
Anna-Kate Fields
Senior Surveyor - Commercial
01 637 5543
Linda Doyle
Auction Executive
01 637 5558
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