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Registration Guide - Spain

If you’re interested in a Spanish property and want to bid, you’ll need to register your details in order to participate on the day of the sale. This is a straight-forward process that consists of the steps outlined below.

The process is broadly similar for Spanish nationals and non-Spanish nationals - any differences are noted below. 

Our teams are on hand to help at any point: +34 919 14 81 00 |

Create a BidX1 Account

1. BidX1 Account

You will need a BidX1 Account to start the registration process. It only takes a minute to create one. If you already have an Account, make sure you are logged in. 
Get Started

2. Get Started

Click into your chosen property. On the right-hand side, click the blue 'Register to bid' button. If you aren't logged into your BidX1 Account, you will be asked to do so now. 
Choose Purchaser

3. Choose Purchaser

If you are purchasing the property, select 'me.' Please note that there is a separate registration process for corporate entities. 
Your Details

4. Your Details

Fill out your personal details - name, address, contact details. If someone else is paying the deposit, we'll need their details too (see additional information on Deposit Providers in the Notes section at the bottom of this page). 
Proof of Identity.png

5. Proof of Identity

You must provide proof of identity, showing your face and date of birth. If you are a Spanish national, you must provide your DNI. If you are a non-Spanish national, you must provide a valid passport.
 Proof of Address

6. Proof of Address

You must provide proof of address. If you are a Spanish national, you must provide a photo of your DNI with your current home address. If you are a non-Spanish national, you must provide a photo of a bank statement or utility bill dated within the last three months. 
Photo Selfie

7. Selfie

You will need to provide a photo of yourself, showing your full face (a selfie). 
Terms & Conditions

8. Terms & Conditions

You will need to read the Terms & Conditions carefully, including the full document (accessible from a link at this point in the registration process). You can then click to accept each one.
Verify SMS

9. Verify Number

We'll need to verify that you have read the Terms & Conditions and are happy to proceed. We will ask you to confirm this via SMS verification. An SMS containing a 4-digit code will be sent to the number provided; you will need to input this code during the registration process. 
Select Properties Spanish

10. Lot Selection

Choose the property (or properties) that you wish to bid on. 
Bidding Deposit

11. Bidding Deposit

You will need to provide a deposit for each property that you wish to bid on. The amount will depend on the Minimum Price for the property, and is listed on each property page.  You can pay the deposit via credit card or bank transfer. This is returned in full to non-successful bidders. 

12. Approval

We'll review your details and get in touch when you've been approved to bid.


Deposit Provider 

Please note, if someone other than yourself is providing the deposit, you'll also need to fill out their personal details and provide their supporting documentation. We will only require details of the deposit provider if this provider is different from the purchaser (i.e. you). 

If a company is providing the deposit, we will require the company details and supporting documentation for the company's Shareholders and Directors. We will only require Director details if there are no Shareholders holding more than 25% of shares in the company. 

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