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Smart property investment - it was staring us in the face

It was staring us in the face – the evolution of a brand campaign

This week, as the autumn ‘selling season’ kicks-off and BidX1 catalogues go live in Spain, Ireland, Cyprus, the UK and South Africa, we have launched a new brand campaign.

I should warn you: a giant elephant may soon appear on your screen or when you open the paper one morning.  

The last 6 months have seen an explosion of commentary on the property industry’s ‘tech-awakening.’ Agents have rushed to adapt to the realities of restricted movement. Virtual viewings are all the rage. Auction houses have moved to live-streaming their auctioneers from empty rooms.

But the truth is, technology has been the ‘Elephant in the Room’ for the property industry for years.

It was staring us in the face.

At BidX1, digital is in our DNA. Our Founder, Stephen McCarthy, introduced fully online property transactions to Ireland back in 2015! And our platform is now changing the way property is bought and sold across five markets.

Our mission is to revolutionize property investment, and we know that technology will be the driving force behind the most significant improvements in our industry – an industry that has remained stubbornly traditional to date.  

We’re proud to be at the forefront of PropTech in Europe, and this campaign emphasizes the importance of tech in the property sector, and BidX1’s unique position as market-leaders in digital property investment.

Congratulations to the BidX1 marketing team for taking the spark of an idea and transforming it into a powerful, multi-channel brand campaign that packs a visual punch.

Find out more about why BidX1 is Europe’s leading digital property investment platform here.


Seamus Moore is Chief Marketing Officer at BidX1. Connect with him on LinkedIn here.

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