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Going, Going, Gone - Green!

As our team here in BidX1 Dublin continues to grow, we have been working towards achieving a more sustainable and ‘green’ workplace. We are a digital property platform, so we don’t face the same challenges as industries like manufacturing or agriculture. Even so, with so many coffee addicts and convenience-food shoppers among us, we were conscious of the issues surrounding single-use plastics, good recycling practices and general waste reduction.

This week, we were lucky enough to have Mindy O’Brien from Voice Ireland join us for a discussion about sustainability in the workplace. Having spent 6 years working on waste & water policy in Washington DC and more than 10 years at Voice in Dublin, it was encouraging to get some expert advice from Mindy. We were happy to score highly in many areas – recycling processes & reusable eco-friendly products – but there were still lots of surprises and plenty of room for improvement.

A big thank you to Mindy for taking the time. And for those coffee-lovers in BidX1 and beyond, the Conscious Cup Campaign is a great place to start on the journey to sustainability! 


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