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Landmark Shanagarry Chimney in Milltown to be offered at Europe's Largest Online Auction

16 May 2018 / News
Lot 316: Shanagarry Chimney, Milltown Road, Milltown, Dublin 6. Guide Price €35,000

The Shanagarry Chimney in Milltown, Dublin 6, a landmark red-brick industrial chimney rising to 94 feet, is to be offered as part of the latest BidX1 Online Auction on 1st June. The chimney is the only remaining part of the Old Dublin Laundry and will go under the virtual hammer guiding €35,000.

The BidX1 auction will be Europe’s largest online auction to date, with more than 380 residential and commercial properties on offer across three days – 30th & 31st May & 1st June. The full catalogue can be viewed here.

The chimney is a protected structure, but also an income generating asset, accommodating mobile phone masts which are licensed to Esat Digifone (Three) for €13,880 per annum. A second red-brick structure adjacent to the boundary with Milltown Road accommodates additional mobile phone transmitting equipment.

Jonathan Fenn, Director at BidX1 and Head of Residential Auctions, commented:

“Having previously sold castles, islands and convents, our catalogues are well-known for their variety and we’re always pleased to offer unique properties through the online auction! The Shanagarry Chimney is certainly something special and has already attracted significant interest – from both Ireland and overseas.”

He added:

“We’re kicking-off our three-day auction with the residential catalogue, headlined by two Victorian properties overlooking one of South Dublin’s most coveted locations, Grosvenor Square in Dublin 6. Northside, the stunning beachfront views provided by two residential sites in Robswall, Malahide, should attract plenty of interest.”

Full details regarding the Shanagarry Chimney can be accessed here.





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