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BidX1 Property Teams - Spain & Cyprus

BidX1 expands digital property marketplace with launch into Spain & Cyprus

We’re very pleased to announce the opening of BidX1 offices in both Spain and Cyprus, with more than 30 people across the two offices in Madrid and Nicosia. 

Our Spanish operation is headed up by Daniela Marchesano, Head of Operations & Delivery, and Javier de Pablo, Head of Property. Kritonas Onisiforou is leading the team in Nicosia. Johnny Horgan, who joined us from CBRE earlier this year, is coordinating our overall European expansion

We will have properties for sale in all existing and new geographies on the platform from September, including key cities such as Cape Town, Johannesburg, Barcelona, Madrid, Nicosia, Limassol, Dublin and London. A total value of c. €450 million across 2,000 properties are set to be sold globally in 2019 across the various geographies.

Stephen McCarthy, Founder & CEO at BidX1, said:

“The launch of BidX1 as a global digital marketplace for real estate, penetrating five markets, marks a pivotal point in property trading. With around €200 million of real estate assets to be sold around the globe between now and Christmas, we are seeing first-hand the power of our digital platform and best-in-class real estate team.

“It is the diversity of our people, who have a wealth of experience from a broad mix of industries - from real estate to eCommerce to telecoms - which has enabled us to utilise our tech at scale, challenging the traditional methods of property trading.”

Johnny Horgan, Managing Director of Europe, said:

“Growing up from traditional roots, BidX1’s tech-based digital model is now reshaping how real estate is bought and sold. Identifying the demand for increased transparency and efficiency within the sales process, BidX1 is creating a network of real estate buyers and sellers.

“The opportunities globally for a digital platform are immense, as both buyers and sellers alike are looking for an alternative to the traditional transaction model and BidX1 has the opportunity to be at the forefront of that change globally as digital transformation in real estate continues to overhaul the industry.”

Launching in Spain and Cyprus is an important step in expanding our digital property marketplace and we’re very pleased to be open for business in these exciting real estate markets. 


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